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The World Highland Games Championships were first held in 1980 and were created as an attempt to identify who was truly the greatest Highland Games competitor. Many of the Highland Games competitions around the world have traditionally not been invitational, in the sense that novices can step up to compete, or at the more established events the competitors were very much more selected from the nation in which the competition was held. The world’s introduced a formalisation of the requirements for entry and a truly international flavor.

Over the years competitors have been drawn from the disciplines of field athletics, including the shot put, discuss and hammer throw, as well as strength athletes and dedicated Highland Games specialists. In the first three decades of the competition there have been thirteen champions, with four men each having won the title five times, Geoff Capes,Jim McGoldrick, Ryan Vierra and Matt Sandford, and one of those, Geoff Capes, having also won the 1981 World Highland Games Championships held in Lagos, which would make him six times world champion, although this is not listed on the official website.

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1980Scotland Grant AndersonUnited States Los Angeles, California, United States
1981England Geoff CapesNigeria Lagos, Nigeria
1981Scotland Bill AndersonAustralia Melbourne, Australia
1982Scotland Grant AndersonScotland Prestonpans, Scotland
1983England Geoff CapesScotland Carmunnock, Scotland
1984England Geoff CapesScotland Carmunnock, Scotland
1985England Geoff CapesScotland Carmunnock, Scotland
1986England Geoff CapesScotland Carmunnock, Scotland
1987England Geoff CapesScotland Clarkston, Scotland
1988United States Jim McGoldrickScotland Aviemore, Scotland
1989United States Jim McGoldrickScotland Aviemore, Scotland
1990United States Jim McGoldrickScotland Glasgow, Scotland
1991United States Jim McGoldrickScotland Callander, Scotland
1992Australia Jo QuigleyAustralia Callander, Scotland
1993United States Jim McGoldrickScotland Callander, Scotland
1994Scotland George PatienceScotland Callander, Scotland
1995Scotland Alistair GunnScotland Kilmarnock, Scotland
1996United States Ryan VierraNew Zealand Waipu, New Zealand
1997United States Ryan VierraUnited States Fredericksburg, Virginia
1998United States Ryan VierraFinland Oulu, Finland
1999Australia Matt SandfordUnited States Pleasanton, California
2000Australia Matt SandfordNew Zealand Waipu, New Zealand
2001Australia Matt SandfordUnited States Pleasanton, California
2002Australia Matt SandfordUnited States Pleasanton, California
2003Australia Matt SandfordCanada Antigonish, Nova Scotia
2004Scotland Bruce AitkenUnited States Concord, New Hampshire
2005United States Ryan VierraCanada Fergus, Canada
2006United States Ryan VierraUnited States Pleasanton, California
2007Scotland Gregor EdmundsScotland Inverness, Scotland
2008United States Sean BetzUnited States Bridgeport, West Virginia
2009Australia Aaron Neighbour[4]Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland “Gathering of the Clans”
2010United States Larry BrockCanada Victoria, Canada “30th Anniversary”
2011United States Dan McKimUnited States Loon Mountain, New Hampshire
2012United States Matt VincentCanada Fergus, Canada
2013United States Dan McKimUnited States Dana Point, California
2014United States Matt VincentScotland Dunfermline, Scotland


 United States15


England Geoff Capes6
United States Jim McGoldrick5
United States Josh Delzell5
United States Ryan Vierra5
Australia Matt Sandford5
Scotland Grant Anderson2
United States Dan McKim2
United States Matt Vincent2


Open Stone (light)
World, North American, US, AmateurNick Kahanic63′ 3.75″ (16 lbs)Amherst, NY2013
World, North American, USBrian Oldfield63′ 1″ (17 lbs)Campbell, CA1979
CanadianTim Hendry57′ 10″ (17 lbs)Uxbridge, Ontario2011
AmateurDennis DeSoto58′ 2.5″ (17 lbs)Fresno, CA1991
(under 190 lbs)
Jacob Nicol48′ 3/4″ (16 lbs)Las Vegas, NV2012
Women’s World, USConnie Price-Smith55′ 9.5″ (9 lbs)Las Vegas, NV1998
Women’s CanadianShealyn McLaughlin39′ 0″ (8 lbs)Uxbridge, ON2013
Open Stone (heavy)
World, North American, USPaul Ferency53′ 7″ (20 lbs)Litchfield, CT1985
World, North American, USBrian Oldfield46′ 5″ (25 lbs)Fergus, ON1979
CanadianMatt Doherty49′ 10″ (20 lbs)Ft. Edmonton, AB2008
Women’s World, USShannon Hartnett44′ 2″ (14 lbs)Callander, Scotland2000
Standing (Braemar) Stone
WorldGeoff Capes57′ 0″ (20 lbs)not listed1981
AmateurAndy Vincent46′ 2″ (22 lbs)Austin, TX2011
North American, USJon O’Neil47′ 0″ (22 lbs)Phoeniz, AZ2013
North American, US, AmateurNick Kahanic50′ 1″ (21 lbs)Canandaigua, NY2013
WorldPetur Guðmundsson50′ 6″ (22 lbs)Fredericksburg, VA1997
WorldPetur Guðmundsson40′ 11″ (28 lbs)Fredericksburg, VA2000
WorldPetur Guðmundsson38′ 2.75″ (30 lbs)Estes Park, CO2000
CanadianMatt Doherty43′ (22lbs)Antigonish, NS2008
LightweightJacob Nicol36′ 5″ (22 lbs)Las Vegas, NV2012
Women’s World, USConnie Price-Smith45′ 6″ (13.68 lbs)Las Vegas, NV1998
Women’s CanadianLaura Reusser27′ 11″ (12 lbs)Okotoke, Alberta2012
Shot – 16lb
Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA)Geoff Capes65′ 3″not listed1982
Shot – 22lb
SHGAGeoff Capes53′ 4″not listed1982
Heavy Weight (Men: 56 lbs; Lightweight Men: 42 lbs; Women: 28 lbs)
World, North American, USEric Frasure49′ 10″Portland, OR2008
CanadianJason Johnston46′ 9″Calgary, Alberta2012
AmateurEric Frasure49′ 8″Huntersville, NC2005
LightweightIsaac Burchett48′ 8″Warrensburg, MO2006
Women’s World, USAdriane Blewitt53′ 4″Phoenix, AZ2012
Women’s CanadianAlex Norman-Ross41′ 10”Edmonton, Alberta2012
SHGAFrancis Brebner47′ 5″Scotland1996
Light Weight (Men: 28 lbs; Women: 14 lbs)
World, SHGAGregor Edmunds95′ 10″Markinch, Scotland2011
North American, USDaniel McKim94′ 9.25″Lehi, UT2014
CanadianHarry MacDonald91′ 3″Haliburton, ON1996
AmateurEric Frasure91′ 9″Anne Arundel, MD2006
Amateur (SAF rules, two-handed)Chris Black90′ 10.5″Meadowbank, Scotland1976
LightweightMark Howe75′ 0″Tulsa, OK1999
Women’s World, USKate Burton91′ 0.75″Portland, OR2012
Women’s CanadianAlex Norman-Ross72′ 9″Okotoke, Alberta2012
Heavy Hammer (Men: 22 lbs; Women: 16 lbs)
World, North American, USDaniel McKim132′ 2.75″Levi, UT2014
CanadianMatt Doherty119′ 10.5″Cape Breton, Nova Scotia2012
AmateurEric Frasure124′ 7.5″Anne Arundel, MD2006
LightweightNathan Burchett98′ 2.5″St. Louis, MO2005
SHGAMatt Sandford129′ 10.5″Halkirk, Scotland1998
Women’s WorldValerie Adams99′ 1″Waipu, New Zealand2003
Women’s USAndrea Montague98′ 10″Mesa, AZ2009
Women’s CanadianSusie Lajoie73′ 8″Calgary, Alberta2012
Light Hammer (Men: 16 lbs; Women: 12 lbs)
World, North American, USDaniel McKim157′ 7.25″Lehi, UT2014
CanadianMatt Doherty146′ 2″Truro, Nova Scotia2005
AmateurNathan Burchett145′ 4″Kirksville, MO2011
LightweightNathan Burchett120′ 1″Kirksville, MO2006
SHGABruce Aitken156′ 8.5″Aboyne, Scotland2000
Women’s World, USShannon Hartnett120′ 1″Fresno, CA1998
Women’s CanadianSusie Lajoie92′ 11.5″Antigonish, Nova Scotia2011
Weight for Height (Men: 56 lbs; Lightweight Men: 42 lbs; Women: 28 lbs)
World, North American, USMike Zolkiewicz19′ 1″ (stand)Richmond, RI2013
World, North American, USDan Williams20′ 3″ 4(spin)Lehi, UT2014
Canadian (Stand only)Doug MacDonald17′ 6″Maxville, ON2003
AmateurEric Frasure19′ 0″ (spin)Chicago, IL2006
AmateurAndy Vincent18′ 0″ (stand)Austin, TX2011
LightweightJeff Thornton18′ 3″ (spin)Davenport, IA2012
LightweightColeman Ballard17′ 4″ (stand)Springfield, IL2010
Women’s World, USKristy Scott21′ (stand)Pleasanton, CA2013
Women’s Canadian (Stand only)Heather Boundy15′ 0″Georgetown, Ontario2013
SHGAKyrill Chuprinine17′ 1.5″Scotland2005
Weight for Height: Masters Men, 56lbs
40+Don Stewart17′ 0″Syracuse, NY1999
40+Kearney Smith17′ 0″Red Springs, NC2006
45+Myles Wetzel16′ 4″Waukesha, WI2005
Don Stewart, at 45+, cleared 16′ 5″ in Quechee, Vermont in 2008, but did not compete in the first four of seven events.
50+Mike Baab15′ 0″”Ft. Worth, TX2010
55+Frank Henry13′ 7″Havre de Grace, MD2009
60+Frank Henry12′ 6.5″Clarksville, MD2014
65+Ray Oster10′ 0″Carmichael, CA2010
Heavy Sheaf (Men: 20 lbs; Women: 12 lbs)
World, North American, USEric Frasure36′ 2″Stone Mountain, GA2010
CanadianJason Johnston34′ 1″Selkirk, Manitoba2012
AmateurCory Frazier35′ 2″Enumclaw, WA2014
Women’s World, USCandice Mann29′ 0″Cedar Rapids, IA2014
Heavy Sheaf: Masters Men, 20lbs
40+Kearney Smith32′ 0″Red Springs, NC2006
45+Braidy Miller32′ 0″Chicago, IL2014
50+Bob Jeffrey28′ 1″Ft. Wayne, IN2002
50+Bob Jeffrey28′ 1″Ft. Wayne, IN2002
65+Ray Oster15′ 0″Carmichael, CA2010
Light Sheaf (Men: 16 lbs; Women: 10 lbs)
World, North American, CanadianJason Johnston40′ 0″Regina, SK2014
US, AmateurTravis Gardner39′ 2″Cashiers, NC2014
LightweightIsaac Burchett33′ 3″Kirksville, MO2006
Women’s World, USKatie Steingraebar32′ 1/4″Waterloo, IA2012
Women’s CanadianJennifer Patterson26′ 0″Belmont, NY2013



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The Ireland’s Strongest Man Final is not far away, with athlete preparation in full swing this year is wide open for the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man 2019. With the current Ireland’s Strongest Man and UK’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer looking in the best shape of his life, he will be hard to stop gaining
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