UK’s Strongest Man 2021 RESULTS

Gavin Bilton becomes the first man to win consecutive UK’s Strongest Man titles after greatest like Glenn Ross and Eddie Hall. After 3 days of competition it was the Welsh Bull who carried out his game plan to defending his crown. Throughout the quarter finals and semi finals Gavin was tactical conserving energy for the day that meant the most. Each of these days it looked like the defending champion was going to be in the stone eliminator which saw podium placer last year Mark Jeanes be eliminated. However, Gavin knew what to do in each event to make Day 3.

In Day 3, Gavin blasted the truck push and gained 2nd place with a fast time of 44.31 seconds clearing 3rd place by a whole 2 seconds! No one could get past Andrew Flynn with a blistering time of 34.90 secs. Event 2 was the bricklift which Gavin is known for boosting his static lifts but this event has a twist to a traditional deadlift with the weight being held in a swinging basket. However, that did not stop Gavin who set a new UK record with 380KG! The third event was the Stones of Strength which the series consisting of 115-175KG stones have not been completed in one run. Unfortunately this was still the case with Pa O’Dwyer coming closest. Again, Gavin completed 4 stones in 43.76 to gain 4th place. The 4th event was the TGI Viking Press of 150KG which saw joint winners of Paul Smith and Pa O’Dwyer with 9 reps and Gavin securing 3rd with 8. The last event for the title was the anvil and anchor drag, which Pa O’Dwyer win the event with 25.59 secs and Gavin Bilton keeping his consistency with a 5th place finish leading him to his 2nd title.

Well done to our Irish athletes- Matthew McCoy and Pa O’Dywer for making the final with Pa coming 4th.  Also to Matthew McKeegan and Ivan Gannon making the quarter finals.

Ultimate Strongman would like to thank our Main Sponsor ‘Gorilla’ for all their support and all the sponsors for making the event a success. Here is to a bigger and stronger 2022!

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