ISA Arm-Wrestling Results & Hall of Fame in progress with two new Irish Competitors…

Armwrestling trophy 2
History of the Magnus Sammuelson Trophy

Appropriately named as Magnus not only refereed our first ever Ireland Arm Wrestling Championship for the Irish Strength Association, but he himself was a former European Arm Wrestling Champion and World Strongest Man (famous for breaking Nathan Jones, Australian Champion’s arm in World Strongest Man during an arm wrestling event).

Arm -Wrestling Results

Ireland’s Arm -Wrestling Championship

2003 – Banbridge, Co Down
1st Stephen Gracey – Gilford
2nd Andrew Sheehan – Cork
3rd Mervyn Clarke – Lurgan
4th Mark Walker – Banbridge

Refereed by Magnus Samuelson (SWE)

2004 – Banbridge, Co Down
1st Paul Roberts – Wexford
2nd Glenn Wright – Dromore
3rd Neil Beggs – Dromore
4th Stephen Gracey – Gilford

Refereed by Rob Dixon (ENG)

2005 – Belfast, Co Antrim
1st Amos McCloy – Coleraine
2nd Neil Beggs – Dromore
3rd Paul Roberts – Wexford
4th Glenn Wright – Dromore

Refereed by Stuart Murray (SCO)

2006 – Banbridge, Co Down
1st Amos McCloy – Coleraine
2nd Neil Beggs – Dromore
3rd Jason Reilly – Meath
4th Jordan Semple – Irvinestown

Refereed by Austin Duncan (NI)

2007 – Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone
1st Dave Warner – Coleraine
2nd Neil Beggs – Dromore
3rd Richard McAvoy – Dromara
4th Gordon Patterson – Newtownstewart

Refereed by Austin Duncan (NI)

2010 –

Ireland’s Arm Wrestling Championpships

2008/2009 – Banbridge, Co Down

1st Dave Warner – Ballymoney

2nd Neill Beggs – Dromore

3rd Richard McAvoy – Dromara

4th Colin McCory – Dromara

Refereed by: Glenn Wright (NI)

2010 Banbridge, Co Down

1st Peter Dunlop Co Antrim

2nd Jason Reilly Co Meath

3rd Richard McAvoy Co Down

4th Neill Beggs – Co Down

Refereed by: Martin Campbell (NI)

2011 Bangor, Co Down

Right Arm

1st Peter Dunlop – Co Antrim

2nd Richard McAvoy – Co Down

3rd Adam Johnston – Co Armagh

4th Sam Newell – Co Down

Left Arm

1st Richard McAvoy – Co Down

2nd Adam Johnston – Co Armagh

3rd Sam Newell – Co Down

4th Alistair Wylie – Co Antrim

Refereed by Martin Campbell (NI)

Arm Wrestling Results

Ulster’s Arm – Wrestling Championship

2006 – Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone
1st Amos McCloy – Coleraine
2nd Neil Beggs – Dromore
3rd Gordon Patterson – Newtownstewart
4th Philip Richmond – Belfast

Refereed by Austin Duncan (NI)

2007 – Banbridge, Co Down
1st Dave Warner
2nd Neil Beggs
3rd Gordon Patterson – Newtownstewart
4th Richard McAvoy – Dromara

Refereed by Austin Duncan (NI)


Irish Open Arm Wrestling Championships

2009 – Belfast, Co Antrim

1st Richard McAvoy – Dromara

2nd Neill Beggs – Dromore

3rd Wesley McClean – Donegal

4th Jonathan Kelly – Carnmoney

Refereed by: Glenn Ross (NI)


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