The build up to the Ireland’s Strongest Man Final

Are you ready?

The Ireland’s Strongest Man Final is not far away, with athlete preparation in full swing this year is wide open for the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man 2019. With the current Ireland’s Strongest Man and UK’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer looking in the best shape of his life, he will be hard to stop gaining a record breaking 4th title. In his way is the current Ulster’s Strongest Man, Sean O’Hagan who is looking to take back his Ireland’s Strongest Man crown. Gavin Redmond (reigning Republic of Ireland Strongest Man) will continue to take points off competitors and could work in his favour come the final. However, you can not forget about the 2 times Ireland’s Strongest Man, Jonathan Kelly who has made a comeback to shake UK strongman. This is going to be an epic battle and is not to be missed on 28th April at the McKee Clock, Bangor.

Qualified Athletes

  1. Pa O’Dwyer (Current Champion)- Co. Limerick
  2. Sean O’Hagan- Co. Down
  3. Chris McNaughton- Co. Antrim
  4. Gavin Redmond- Co. Wexford
  5. Jonathan Kelly- Co. Antrim
  6. Phil Morgan- Co. Antrim
  7. David Jones- Co. Kilkenny
  8. Dean Doyle- Co. Wexford
  9. Matthew McCoy- Co. Antrim
  10. Dale Winters- Co. Down
  11. Gerhard Buckley- Co. Dublin
  12. Dean Kennedy- Co. Wexford


Event 1- Ireland’s Strongest Man 2019 kicks off with a combo strength task. The competitors will start the competition in a 4 lane race challenge. A 400 Kg Tyre Flip (no tacky) must be taken completely over a 10m course. Then the competitor will run to a 430kg Super Yolk Railway Section, lift and carry it completely over 10 metre course. A total distance of 30 metres with a 75 second time limit. Fastest time taken, tyre flipped or distance carried of the Yolk will win this baptism of fire first discipline!

Event 2-

DEADLIFT! . Ireland’s Strongest Man DEADLIFT will be a maximum test of strength. With STRAPS being ALLOWED, but NO SUITS! Each competitor in a last man standing format. On the referee call of Strongman’s name the competitor has two attempts at lock out (lift off the floor) to win in a minute. We will open with 280kg (616lb) and will jump 20kg at time till only 3 remain of our 12 finalists. We will then allow 10kg jumps or referee nominated weight agreed there after…Till a winner is found standard length straps only (No figure of 8 straps) and chalk only( No talc) must be used. This is the finals maximum test. We have some of the biggest raw deadlifters in the country gathered for what is set to be an Irish Strength Association record breaking day!

Event 3- Boulder Shouldering . A 130kg solid Atlas Boulder will be lifted in a head to head challenge as many times as possible. One arm must be released from the opposite shoulder into a bicep curl to complete the lift (see picture below). Special Note: Atlas Boulder must be returned under control to the floor. If the Atlas Boulder comes off the platform at any time, or control is lost, the lift is terminated. A 75 second time will be allowed with as many reps as possible. Referees decision is final on control and completion of the lift!

Event 4- Daddy Dumbell. 90kg of pressing pain with a Arnold Classic 3 inch handle. Current record at 90kg Daddy Dumbell in the UK and Ireland is 8 reps! Ireland’s best Dumbell pressers are gathered so the record could be broken. Arnold Classic rules will apply in this head to head discipline. Competitors on the referee whistle will lift the dumbell with one or two hands to shoulder. Then competitor must remove the lifting arm to the pressing arm. Competitors with one arm only from the shoulder press the dumbell, head forward and in a erect stance to referee to give a successful down signal. Lift is complete once the dumbell is brought down to shoulder under control with one arm to continue the press. Or the dumbell returned to the floor passed the shoulder only when two hands are allowed in the control of the dumbell. Dumbell must remain on the platform at all times or control is lost and lifting is terminated.
Special note: competitor can press the dumbell continuously off the shoulder with one arm if able to control the dumbell on the return to shoulder. A balance to reset the lift with the other hand on the shoulder is allowed, not caught in mid air though, only when the dumbell hits the shoulder can the extra hand control. But then it must be pressed only with one arm ! Competitors wishing to change arms to press must do so by returning and touching the floor with the dumbell, before bringing it to the opposite shoulder.
A 75second time limit , with as many reps as possible given in this head to head event.

Event 5 – The Maritime Load. A total of 5 heavy objects will be lifted and loaded onto staggering height platforms.
First will be a 80kg Sack onto a 6ft foot high platform,
Second object a 100kg Barrel onto a 5 foot 10 inch platform
Third is a 120kg Log onto 5 foot 8 inch platform,
Fourth is a 100kg Anchor onto a 5 foot 4 inch platform
And finally a 205kg Shipping Chain must be loaded onto a 18 inch platform in fastest time.
A 90 second time limit will be allowed in this head to head strength discipline for the Ireland’s Strongest Man 2019 crown.


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