Strongman Winter Warriors 2

Massive thankyou to everyone involved in the “Harrison Contracts Winter Warriors 2” . Was a great show, a very high standard and was delighted to host the 20th Ulster and Republic Ireland Strongest Man trophies, 95kg and 110kg class ISM trophies with the strongest field to date…Lets not forget the overall winner Matthew McKeegan, who will join the runner-up Matthew McCoy. These two will represent Ireland with Pa O’Dwyer at UK Strongest Man 2020! The official reservice from Ireland is Dale Winters. Details
Congrats to all that won medals and trophies, the Ireland’s Strongest Man on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August filmed for RTE in Limerick the home of the champion. The line up follows:

1/ Pa O’Dwyer Co.Limerick (Champion)

2/Jonathan Kelly Co.Antrim, 3/Chris McNaghton Co.Antrim, 4/Matthew Mckeegan Co.L/Derry, 5/Matthew McCoy Co.Antrim, 6/Dale Winters Co.Down, 7/Steven Harrison Co.Antrim, 8/David Jones Co.Kilkenny, 9/Matthew Costello Co.Galway 10/Ivan Gannon Co.Sligo, 11/Cillein Groom Co.Mayo, 12/Dean Kennedy Co.Wexford, 13/Ryan Boreland Co.L/Derry, 14/Nicky Whelan Co.Wexford, 15/Patrick O’Cara Co.Kildare 16/Jordan Breen Co.Cork Res: Miles Hutchinson Co.L/Derry

Full Results

Event 1- 200Kg Duck Walk

1Ryan Boreland11.31 secs16
2Dale Winters11.74 secs15
3Matthew McKeegan12.23 secs14
4Matthew Castello13.03 secs13
5Nicky Whelan13.50 secs12
6David Jones13.81 secs11
7Steven Harrision15.16 secs10
8 Matthew McCoy15.83 secs9
9Kevin Coils16.87 secs8
10Dean Kennedy16.89 secs7
11Ivan Gannon17.09 secs6
12Henk Frijters18.04 secs5
13Patrick O’Cearra19.85 secs4
14Kyle McGowan20.03 secs3
15Jordan Breen20.35 secs2
16Miles Hutchinson25.73 secs1
17Gareth Quinn18.50 metres0
18Bobby St Legger18.25 metres0
19Cillein Groom17.60 metres0
20Niall Moynagh 2.05 metres0

Event 2- 125kg log for reps

1Dale Winters614.5
1Matthew McKeegan614.5
1Kevin Cool614.5
1Ivan Gannon614.5
5Steven Harrison512
6David Jones410
6Matthew McCoy410
6Henk Frijters410
9Matthew Castello37.5
9 Gareth Quinn37.5
11Nicky Whelan25
11Dean Kennedy25
11Miles Hutchinson25
14Patrick O’Cearra12.5
14Cillein Groom12.5
16Ryan Boreland00
16Kyle McGowan00
16Jordan Breen00
16Bobby Ledger00
16Niall Moynagh00

Event 3- Silver Dollar Maximum

PositionNameBest LiftPoints
1Kevin Coils475KG16
2Matthew McKeegan455KG14.5
2Matthew McCoy455KG14.5
4Ivan Gannon400KG13
5Steven Harrison375KG11
5David Jones375KG11
5Henk Frijters375KG11
8Matthew Castello350KG8
8Cillein Groom350KG8
8Niall Moynagh350KG8
11Nicky Whelan330KG6
12Ryan BorelandX0
12Dale WintersX0
12Gareth QuinnX0
12Dean KennedyX0
12Miles HutchinsonX0
12Patrick O’CearraX0
12Kyle McGowanX0
12Jordan BreenX0
12Bobby LedgerX0

Event 4- Sandbag Carry for Distance

1Matthew McKeegan55.95 metres16
2Matthew McCoy52.95 metres15
3Matthew Castello49.00 metres14
4Dale Winters45.90 metres13
5Patrick O’Cerra43.80 metres12
6Cillein Groom43.25 metres11
7Miles Hutchinson42.90 metres10
8Dean Kennedy42.55 metres9
9David Jones41.60 metres8
10Kevin Coils37.75 metres7
11Steven Harrison37.35 metres6
12Kyle McGowan30.00 metres4.5
12Bobby Ledger30.00 metres4.5
14Ivan Gannon28.40 metres3
15Gareth Quinn24.00 metres2
16Nicky Whelan16.35 metres1
17Niall Moynagh14.75 metres0
18Henk Fritjers10.00 metres0
19Jordan Breen6.90 metres0
20Ryan Boreland0.55 metres0

Event 5- Farmers Hold for Time

1Matthew McCoy81.33 secs16
2Steven Harrison67.59 secs15
3David Jones63.62 secs14
4Dale Winters62.15 secs13
5Kevin Coils53.02 secs12
6Ivan Gannon52.55 secs11
7Matthew Castello50.23 secs10
8Ryan Boreland49.95 secs9
9Cillein Groom41.43 secs8
10Matthew McKeegan40.74 secs7
11Dean Kennedy37.11 secs6
12Kyle McGowan35.44 secs5
13Gareth Quinn31.00 secs4
14Patrick O’Cerra30.79 secs3
15Booby Ledger30.39 secs2
16Henk Frijters28.12 secs1
17Niall Moynagh16.95 secs0
18Nicky WhelanX0
19Miles HutchinsonX0
20Jordan BreenX0
Position NamePoints

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