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Since it's formation in July 2000, the Irish Strength Association have gone from strength to strength, boasting over 140 members, many of whom have competed in the highest levels of Strongest Man,Arm-wrestling and Highland games competitions. Mission: To be the strongest on the planet!

Latest News

UK’s Strongest Man 2021 RESULTS
Gavin Bilton becomes the first man to win consecutive UK’s Strongest Man titles after greatest like Glenn Ross and Eddie Hall. After 3 days of competition it was the Welsh Bull who carried out his game plan to defending his crown. Throughout the quarter finals and semi finals Gavin was tactical conserving energy for the
On Sunday 15th August in Bangor Co.Down was the grand final of Ireland’s Strongest Man 2021.  16 of the strongest men were gathered who earned their place from a qualifier prior to the contest.  Unfortunately, the defending champion Matthew McCoy was unable to attend due to an illness.  However, this was still an incredible line
Jack Harkin Wins the Qualifier for Ireland’s Strongest Man 2021
The contest found the remainder of the All Ireland Finalists to make a 16 man line up joining the likes of Matthew McCoy, Ivan Gannon, Pa O’Dwyer, Matthew McKeegan and Peter Bremmer to see who will win this historic crown.  This contest also was for Republic of Ireland, Ulster, 95KG, & 110KG and Novice/Junior/Master Strongest
Ireland’s Strongest Man Qualifier 2021
The Ireland’s Strongest Man Qualifier will take place on Sunday 25th July at 12 Noon in Davey Jones’ Unit, 10-13 Hebron Business Park, Kilkenny.     To enter the competition and have your chance to compete against the best in Ireland complete the membership form.  ISA – ANNUAL APPLICATION FORM 2021 | Irish Strong Man  
Matthew McCoy win Ireland’s Strongest Man 2020
First UK’s Strongest Man 2021 Tour Qualifier for MK Stadium on 29th-31st May 2021 event was held in Bangor County Down. A great competition and we thank Ards and North Down Borough Council for their support. The event was filmed for RTE 2, Ch5 and was live streamed on our page by one of our

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