2016 Newsletter, ISA Membership & application form deadline for your next strength event 2016

Welcome all Irish Strength Association members and fans to 2016 year of events. A year planned to be the biggest ever in our 17 year history . ISA have more events that will be confirmed in the coming weeks and some big announcements too… All our events will be on our brand new website, www.irishstrongman.com and on our Irish Strength Association Facebook; www.facebook.com/pages/Irish-Strength-Association/105639346151743 . This year we will also have “Ultimate Strongman Events”, “Champions League Event”, WSF Events, Arnold Classic events and several international shows across the sports that our ISA and “Ultimate strongman” members will be part of…So guys stay tuned to our website and Facebook for some big events this year!

Brand new to the ISA we will be doing a 1hour YouTube programme for each of the following strength sports for 2016:

The Highland Warrior Series in Highland Games 2016
Armwrestling tournaments compilation 2016
Mas Wrestling/Highland Wrestling tournaments compilation 2016
Junior UKs Strongest Man 2016

In addition our TV programming will be:

Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016
UKs Strongest Man 2016
Junior WSM Championships 2016
Master WSM Championships 2016
Ultimate World Strongest Team Championships 2016

Here is what is planned…

GPC Lenister Open Push/Pull 2016 20th-21st Feb 2016 Green Isle Hotel Dublin GPC For more information click on GPC link that will bring you to the Facebook event page
Ulster & Republic Of Ireland Qualifier 2016

(Novice Ireland’s Strongest Man 2015 Sign Off)

28th Feb 2016 Monsters Gym Carlow Novice ISM 2015 for the Finn McCool Trophy
Irish Arm Wars 2016 4th March 2016 Details to follow -100kg, 100kg+ Categories
Arnold Sports Festival 2016 3rd-6th March 2016 Ohio, USA Arnold Sports Festival homepage Anybody wishing to enter the Arnold Amateur Strongman 2016, The Mas Wrestling Championships 2016 or the Arnold Highland Games 2016 or the Arnold Armwrestling Championships 2016. Please contact e-mail to glennross@hotmail.co.uk before Friday 15th January 2016

All ISA members in 2016 will get some financial support to the event if they are wishing to enter any of these contests.

Republic Of Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016 Final 2nd April 2016 Galway *Details to follow
GPC Nationals 9th April 2016 Limerick GPC Ireland Facebook page Qualifier for Europeans
FIBO 2016 7th-10th April 2016 Exhibition centre Cologne, Germany
FIBO hompage The FIBO strongman  competitor will be Sean O’Hagan from Co Down (Ireland’s Strongest Man 2015)

Anybody wishing to enter the Mas Wrestling championships at the FIBO contact us at Glennross@hotmail.co.uk before the 5th February 2016 to enter. All ISA members of 2016 will receive some finical support for this event if you are competing.

Novice Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016 2nd May 2016 Tyrone *Details to follow
Ireland Stone Lifting Championships 2016 13th May 2016 Co Down *Details to follow  95kg, 110kg & Open categories
Body Power UK 13th-15th May 2016 NEC Birmingham Power Power UK hompage
Highland Games 2016 – Series 1
(2015 Series Title Sign Off)
28th May 2016 Scarva House County Sports Festival
Highland Wrestling Championships 2016 28th May 2016 Scarva House County Sports Festival
Ulsters Strongest Man Final 2016 29th May 2016 Scarva House County Sports Festival
Ultimate World Strongest Team 2016 5th June 2016 Northwood Stadium Stoke Tickets for UWST 2016 Two qualified ISA members this year to this championship are Sean O’Hagan of Co Down (Ireland’s Strongest Man 2015) and Jonathon Kelly of Co Antrim (ISM runner up 2015)
GPC Europeans 6th-13th June 2016 Rovaniemi, Finland GPC Ireland Facebook page
 Highland Games 2016 – Series 2  19th June 2016 Co Cork *Details to follow
Junior & Masters Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016 19th June 2016 Co Cork *Details to follow Top 2 Junior ISM will receive some finical help towards the Ultimate Junior UKs Strongman Championships 2016

Top 1 Masters ISM will receive some finical help to go to the Ultimate Masters World Strongman Championships 2016

 Irish Strength Expo 2016  24th June 2016 Bangor, Co Down Ireland’s Open Armwrestling Championships 2016 & Ireland’s Armwrestling Championships 2016 – 24th June 2016
Irish Strength Expo 2016 25th June 2016 Bangor, Co Down GPC Powerlifting Open Push/Pull 2016
Irish Strength Expo 2016 25th June 2016 Bangor, Co Down Highland Games
Irish Strength Expo 2016 25th June 2016 Bangor, Co Down Ireland’ & UK Mas Wrestling (Qualifier for the World Mas Wrestling Championships) – 25th June
Irish Strength Expo 2016 26th June 2016 Bangor, Co Down Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016 Final – 26th June
95kg & 110kg UKs Strongest Man 2016 Final 2nd July 2016 Victory Palace, ExCel London  ISA qualified members are 95kg Ireland’s Strongest Man 2015 Angelo Iannetta & Ivan Gannon 110kg Ireland’s Strongest Man 2015, both will receive some finical support to this competition.
England’s Strongest Man 2016 Final 3rd July 2016 Victory Palace, ExCel London World Power Show hompage
Ultimate Junior UKs Strongest Man 2016 21st July 2016 Deangate Ridge Athletics Stadium,
Dux Court Road,
Kent, ME38RZ
This is the qualifier for the Ultimate Junior World Strongman Championships 2016. Only the top Irish athlete in this competition will earn his place at the world event.
110kg Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016 Final 31st July 2016 Galway, Details to follow
GPC Irish Bench Only Championships 2016 6th August 2016 GPC Ireland Facebook page Qualifier for Worlds Bench Press Championships
XIII World Ultimate Strongman Belfast NI 2016 25th-29th August 2016 Belfast Uks Strongest Man 2016 – 25th-27th August 2016

Ultimate Juniors World Strongman Championships 2016 – 28th-29th August 2016

GPC World Championships 2016 17th-24th September 2016 Serbia GPC Ireland Facebook page
Ultimate Masters World Strongman Championships 2016 3rd-5th September 2016 Canada *Details to follow
Ireland’s Truck Pull Championships 2016 18th September 2016 Lisburn *Details to follow 95kg, 110kg & Open categories
95kg Ireland’s Strongest Man 2016 Final 2nd October 2016 Monsters Gym, Co Carlow
GPC Irish Open 2016 29th October 2016 GPC Ireland Facebook page
World Mas Wrestling Championships 2016 26th-27th November 2016 Russia MAS Wrestling homepage
Ireland Log Lifting Championships 2016 3rd December 2016 95kg, 110kg & Open categories (includes pound for pound title)

Newsletter 2016

The ISA would like to thank all our 2015 ISA members who showed their loyal support within its competitions and governing body, helping your ISA produce quality shows for you and its sponsors.

This year we would like to welcome you back to the new 2016 season as the ISA and your sport continue to grow for you. We have written warnings and suspensions to those who break future ISA rules & regulations. But all that sign up as members this year must apply to all rules and regulations of ISA. BUT YOU CAN COMPETE AS A NONE MEMBER AND PAY FOR EACH SHOW (£30/€40). RULES AND REGULATIONS ONLY APPLY AT EACH SHOW EVENT . Though without discipline and structure within your governing body its members/sponsors and international competitions will not give the ISA recognition it needs to grow for your sport to the height it deserves.


What does it mean AS A PAID ANNUAL MEMBER (£60/€80)? All paid annual members will receive all events FREE there after for one year. A year that will cover all events within the ISA (unless stated). Paid Annual Members will receive membership number EMAIL ON SUBMITTANCE OF ANNUAL APPLICATION ONLINE FORM. Then your emailed membership number will follow as a  membership card and will allow you FREE enter to major events run by the ISA (Unless stated). All Paid Annual Members will also receive financial support to international events for our top competitors….Being loyal means the biggest Series, Leagues and World events in your sport will use and recognise the ISA and its structure. In turn we will support the best to their competition, in a fair structured manor. We will reciprocate the gesture to do the same at our internationals with their World athletes plus as an added bonus we will give full members 10% off all Daddy Gear products (Quote your membership number).

The ISA will grow World relationships within the sport, to grow in trust and structure for all. Members must in turn show loyalty for the ISA and be ambassadors to your country – supporting your sport and competing in it home or away can be the proudest thing you will do. The ISA will NOT tolerate any derogatory comments about your governing body ISA on these World public forums or websites. This does NOTHING for the sport or members within it. If you have any problems or issues you can contact your area marshals and problems will be resolved, that’s what your governing body does – governs and sort issues and delivers your sport.

FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP LINK – 5th Feb 2016 – 1st Feb 2017


Any questions contacts below:

Yours In Strength

Glenn Ross
(Northern Chairman) ULSTER PROVINCE
0044 77 808 15928

Richard Looney
(Southern Chairman)

Yvonne Ross 
0044 28 95608984


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