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15 Feb
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Event: Republic of Ireland Strongest Man Qualifier 2015.
Sunday 15th February.
Venue: 220 Fitness Gym ,Killinann, Galway.

1.Daddy Dumbbell 60kg for reps in 90 seconds,
2.Car Deadlift straps for reps,
3.Truck Pull Harness and Rope for 20metres in 90 seconds,
4.Farmers Walk for distance up a turning 20m course with 120kg Gas Bottles x2 lanes.


All competitors and winner of 2014 Ireland Strongest Man final and the winner of 2014 Republic Strongest Man have an automatic place to the 2015 Republic Strongest Man. This means that a total this year of automatic competitors for Republic Strongest Man 2015 is 7 Strongmen , leaving a total of 9 Strongmen to be found from the qualifier, for a 16 man Republic Strongest Man 2015 final. All competitors wishing to do the Republic Strongest man note you must be Irish and from Ulster or N.Ireland, as this is a qualifier to a national final(International Irish residents we have many Open events -check website).

Republic Strongest Man 2015 Qualifier will take place at 220 Fitness, Killannin. County Galway sign in 12pm, 15th February 2015. All competitors wishing to compete need to complete the “New Online Membership Form” (ON ISA SECTION), that will confirm you will abide to all ISA governing body rules and regulations. Then upload the visual strength picture of yourself ,then once form and picture upload is complete, your full £50/60 euro membership (cheque/postal order made out to Irish Strength Association) to address at the bottom of membership page. All memberships must be in by the “14th February”. This will cover all the ISA events unless indicated on this website and will reap the support it provides to it members throughout the year plus support to international duty events. Each member will receive a Membership Number on the Application, plus a Membership Card given at the Qualifier. As a added bonus www.ultimatesupplementsonline.com on presentation of Membership Number will get 10% off all products.

All competitors wishing NOT TO MEMBERS need to complete for each ISA competition the “New Online Application Form” (ON ISA SECTION). This will confirm that for that single application competition you will abide all the ISA governing body rules and regulations for that competition only. Then upload the visual strength picture of yourself ,then once form and picture upload is complete, send your single competition fee £25/30euro membership (cheque/postal order made out to Irish Strength Association) to address at the bottom of membership page. All “Application Forms must be in 7 days before each competition”. This will cover one single ISA competition, unless indicated on this website . This application form does not make you a member, nor will any ISA support be provided throughout the year plus support to international duty events.

Membership £50/60€ must be sent to 19 Owenroe Drive, Bangor County Down before 14th February. as a cheque or postal order made out to IRISH STRENGTH ASSOCIATION. Late payment will receive a £10/15€ fine . As a member you must abide by the rules and regulations as a member or wishing to promote or be part of other events.

Competitors this year can compete without being a member but must fill in event application online at cost £30 /35€ per event competition, but non members will lose many benefits membership will  bring. Application Forms must be in 5 days before the event with cheques/postal order £25/30euro made out to IRISH STRENGTH ASSOCIATION.

The ISA wish everyone all the best of strength in 2015.


Position Name County Points
1 Sean Butler Co Kilkenny 36.5 Qualified
2 ivan Gannon Galway 34.5 Qualified
3 Gavin Redmond Wexford 33.5 Qualified
4 Eamonn Harvord Dublin 33.5 Qualified
5 Brain O.Mera Tipperary 29 Qualified
6 Oliver Quinn Co Mayo 27.5 Qualified
7 Ross Tweedy Co Wexford 23.5 Qualified
8 David Loughman Dublin 18.5 Qualified
9 Dean Kennedy Wexford 16.5 Qualified
10 David Jones Co Kilkenny 12 Reserve
11 Hank Frytbrs Holland (Guest) 11
12 Matthew Costello Galway 5.5
13 Pete O’Connor Co Mayo 3
14 Mike Wilde Co Meth

Truck Pull 9Tone 20meters – 90 Seconds time limit

POSITION NAME County Time Distance/Meters
1 (Winner) Brain O’Meara Co Tipperary 34.76 20
2 Gavin Redmound Co Wexford 44.78 20
3 Sean Butler Co Killkenny 45.40 20

Daddy Dumbell 60kg 90 Seconds time limit

1 (Winner) Chris Davidson Co Cork 9
1 (Winner) Sean Butler Co Killkenny 9
2 Ivan Gannon Galway 8
2 Gavin Redmound Co Wexford 8
3 Ross Tweedy Co Wexford 5
3 Oliver Quinn Co Mayo 5

Car Deadlift 250kg Reps 90 Seconds

POSITION NAME County Distance
1 (Winner) Ivan Gannon Galway 10
2 Eamonn Harvord Dublin 8
3 Brian O’Meara Co Down 5

Farmers Walk 125kg Distance

POSITION NAME County Distance
1 (Winner) Sean Butler Co Killkenny 40.40
2 Eamonn Harvord Co Wexford 37.60
3 Ross Tweedy Scotland 35.90



Feb 15, 2015
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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220 Fitness Gym
Galway, Ireland
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