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01 Jul
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In the Ultimate Strongman “To Me To You Removals 4 Nations Battle of Britian Team Championship, was a fierce line up with the Legendary Terry Hollands captaining Team England with England’s Strongest Man Phil Roberts, Paul Smith and Charlie Gough.  Team Wales was captained by Wales’ Strongest Man, Ben Brunning with, Hywel Owen Thomas, Dale Peters and Nathan Llewellyn.  The favourites for the contest were Team Scotland and they were captained by Tom Stoltman with Paul Benton, Kenny Simm and Scott Milne  Team Ireland were represented by Ireland’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer, Matthew McCoy, Gavin Redmond and Dale Winters.  This was a great opportunity to test themselves against the best athletes in the UK.

The first event was the Duck Walk.  Each team member had to complete 20m each in a 2 minute time limit.  This saw England waddle their way to victory and Ireland close behind taking second place.  Scotland finished placed last which was a major shock for the start of the competition.  The second event was the Tug of War.  Team England were the winners of this one, showing that body weight and team work were key to the win.  The third event was the Tyre Flip and Team Ireland stormed their way to victory with 63.48 metres that helped continue their consistency in the competition. The fourth event was the Dumbbell Press.  This was dominated by Tom Stoltman of Team Scotland who contributed massively to Scotland’s 7 reps.  This was enough for the win.  However, Ireland continued their superb form with second with 6 reps.  The fifth event was the Stones of Strength.  Team Scotland won this event by impressively lifting all six stones onto the barrels.  Ireland placed second in this event by lifting 5 stones and beating England by less than 2 seconds.  The final event was the decider with Scotland, Ireland and England all in contention to lift the crown but Team England were only able to lift 4 flags.  It came down to Ireland vs Scotland and Tom Stoltman pulled up the last flag to secure the victory but Pa O’Dwyer pulled up the last flag to cap off a remarkable performance by Team Ireland.  Team Scotland were the winners of the first Ultimate Strongman 4 Nations Battle of Britain and lifted their axes, Ireland Second place, England Third and Wales lifted the wooden spoons.  Thank you to North Down Borough Council for their support and we will see you at the next Ultimate Strongman event near you!

The Full Results are below:

Event 1- Duck Walk      
Position Team Time/Distance Points  
1 England 86.21 4  
2 Ireland 90.14 3  
3 Wales 93.68 2  
4 Scotland 79.99 metres 1  
Event 2- Tug of War      
Position Team Points Overall Points  
1 England 4 8  
2 Wales 3 5  
3 Scotland 2 3  
4 Ireland 1 4  
Event 3- Tyre Flip      
Position Team Distance Points Overall Points
1 Ireland 64.38 metres 4 8
2 Scotland 61.35 metres 3 6
3 England 60.02 metres 2 10
4 Wales 57.90 metres 1 6
Event 4- Dumbell Press      
Position Team Reps Points Overall Points
1 Scotland 7 4 10
2 Ireland 6 3 11
3 Wales 5 2 8
4 England 1 1 11
Event 5- Stones      
Position Team Stones/Time Points Overall Points
1 Scotland 6- 48.86 4 14
2 Ireland 5- 49.93 3 14
3 England 5- 51.19 2 13
4 Wales 4- 52.62 1 9
Event 6- Flag Hoist      
Position Team Flags/Time Points Overall Points
1 Scotland 5- 65.78 4 18
2 Ireland 5- 92.63 3 17
3 England 4- 83.74 2 15
4 Wales 3- 17.53 1 10
Overall Standings      
Position Team Points    
1 Scotland 18    
2 Ireland 17    
3 England 15    
4 Wales 10    


Jul 1, 2017
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Bangor, BT20 3PU United Kingdom + Google Map



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