Zydrunas Savickas, LIT – Strongman & Powerlifter

zydrunas_savickasŽydrūnas Savickas is titled as the strongest all-time man. Six times in a row he won the title of the strongest man on earth in the most prestigious contest “Arnold‘s Strongest Man“. The participants of the contest are not only the strongest men but the representatives of other events in powerlifting as well. The winner is called the strongest man on earth.

Žydrūnas Savickas was born on July 15, 1975 in Biržai, Lithuania. His height and strength was already exceptional in his boyhood. The decision to go in for sports and become a strongman was inspired in 1989 when Žydrūnas saw the first strongmen contest in Lithuania on TV. After three years, when he was just sixteen, he participated in his first strongmen contest ever. The contest encouraged to exercise harder in order to become the strongest. Žydrūnas participated not only in the strongmen contest but in the powerlifting contest as well. His second powerlifting contest broke Lithuania’s record. Žydrūnas Savickas is the first in Lithuania to squat with a 400 KG barbell, to upraise 400 KG and in total to collect 1000 KG in the powerlifting contest. In 1998 Žydrūnas won Lithuania’s strongmen contest and for the first time participated in the world’s strongmen championship.

The results got better with every contest until the unfortunate 2001 when Žydrūnas suffered an injury at the Faroes. The successful career was suspended because of the legs’ patella ligament tear during the strongmen tournament at the Faroes. The injury was very serious and there was little hope of Žydrūnas’ return to the professional sport. However, Žydrūnas did not let down the people who believed in him and returned to the professional sport with the help of lot of effort and obstinacy. After just nine months he won both the powerlifting contest and the strongmen championship in Lithuania. Because of the injury Žydrūnas had to exercise even harder and more persistently in order to compete with the strongest men of the world. His attempts were successful and after twenty months he became the winner of the “Arnold Strongman Classic“ contest and broke the world record several times. During the past five years, he won almost all the contests he participated in and broke a huge number of the world records.

Sporting Achievements

6 times “Arnold’s Strongest Man“ winner (2003-2008)
3 times World’s Strongman Champion (2005, 2006,2009)
4 times World’s Team Championship winner (2005-2008)
Fortissimus Strongest Man on the Earth winner (2009)
World Log Lift champion (2008)
European Strongman champion (2005)
European Log Lift champion (2009)
World Cup winner (2004)
World Strongman Super-Series winner (2004)
Strongman Champions League winner (2008)
10 times Lithuanian Strongest Man (1998-2000, 2002, 2004- 2009)
World’s Powerlifting Vice-Champion (2000)
3 times Europe’s Powerlifting Vice-Champion (1999, 2000, 2001)
10 times Lithuania’s Powerlifting Champion (1995-1997, 1999-2005)
7 times Lithuania’s Powerlifting Cup Winner (1994-2000)

Other Achievements:

The Most Popular Lithuanian Sportsman 2005 („Sportas”)
The Best Lithuanian Sportsman 2006, 2008,2009 (LNOK)
The Sportsman of a Year 2006, 2008 („Vaikų balsas”)
The Strongest All-time Man on the Earth (FLEX)
The Best World’s Strongman 2009 (FORTISSIMUS)


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