Powerlifting Results For World Champions & Modern Day Legends

The International Powerlifting Federation is an international governing body for the sport of powerlifting as recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as well as the International Olympic Committee via inclusion into the World Games.

The IPF was founded in 1971, and comprises member federations from more than one hundred countries with new ones being added yearly. The current IPF president is Gaston Parage, from Luxembourg. The IPF is the largest powerlifting federation in the world.

IPF is a drug-testing federation that restricts supportive equipment usage to single-ply polyester shirts and suit and also has a classic powerlifting division (unequipped).

List Of World Championships Medalists in Powerlifting (Men)

Category 59 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Sergey FedosienkoRussia Alexander KolbinTaiwan Wang Chun-Lin
2012 AguadillaRussia Sergey FedosienkoVenezuela Carlos GarciaPoland Dariusz Wszola
2013 StavangerRussia Sergey FedosienkoPoland Pawel OsmialowskiPuerto Rico Ivan Cancel
2014 AuroraRussia Sergey FedosienkoEcuador Franklin LeonBrazil Eudson Lima

Category 66 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Sergey GladkikhFrance Hassan El BeghittiBrazil Eric Oishi
2012 AguadillaRussia Sergey GladkikhFrance Hassan El BelghittiRussia Konstantin Danilov
2013 StavangerRussia Konstantin DanilovRussia Sergey GladkikhTaiwan Tsung-Ting Hsieh
2014 AuroraRussia Konstantin DanilovJapan Yoshito NishimuraTaiwan Tsung-Ting Hsieh

Category 74 kg

2011 PilsenPoland Jaroslaw OlechBulgaria Rostislav PetkovKazakhstan Denis Ivkov
2012 AguadillaPoland Jaroslaw OlechUnited States Maliek DerstineChinese Taipei Huang Lung-Hsin
2013 StavangerPoland Jaroslaw OlechUkraine Anatolii GoriachokTaiwan Lung-Hsin Huang
2014 AuroraPoland Jaroslaw OlechRussia Sergei GaishinetcUkraine Anatolii Goriachok

Category 83 kg

2011 PilsenUkraine Volodymyr RysiyevUkraine Andriy NanievKazakhstan Davranbek Turakhanov
2012 AguadillaRussia Eugeny VasyukovUkraine Andriy NanievUkraine Volodymyr Rysiyev
2013 StavangerNorway Kjell Egil BakkelundUkraine Volodymyr RysiyevUkraine Andriy Naniev
2014 AuroraEcuador Jose CastilloUkraine Volodymyr RysiyevUkraine Andriy Naniev

Category 93 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Vladimir SholskiyUkraine Mikhaylo BulanyyBulgaria Zdravko Sarafimov
2012 AguadillaUkraine Mikhaylo BulanyyUkraine Sergii BilyiSweden Patrik Turesson
2013 StavangerUkraine Mikhaylo BulanyyUkraine Sergii BilyiRussia Sergey Mashintcov
2014 AuroraRussia Dmitry InzarkinUkraine Mikhaylo BulanyyUkraine Sergii Bilyi

Category 105 kg

2011 PilsenLuxembourg Anibal CoimbraRussia Konstantin LebedkoFrance Sofiane Belkesier
2012 AguadillaLuxembourg Anibal CoimbraRussia Konstantin LebedkoUkraine Vadym Dovganyuk
2013 StavangerUkraine Vadym DovganyukRussia Konstantin LebedkoLuxembourg Anibal Coimbra
2014 AuroraUkraine Vadym DovganyukRussia Yury BelkinRussia Konstantin Lebedko

Category 120 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Maxim BarkhatovRussia Andrei DrachevLithuania Amandas Paulauskas
2012 AguadillaRussia Maxim BarkhatovBulgaria Ivaylo HristovUkraine Valeriy Karpov
2013 StavangerUkraine Oleksiy RokochiyUnited Kingdom Dean BowringBelgium Orhan Bilican
2014 AuroraBulgaria Ivaylo HristovUkraine Oleksiy RokochiyUkraine Oleksiy Bychkov

Category +120 kg

2011 PilsenUkraine Volodymyr SvistunovUkraine Viktor TestsovCzech Republic Milan Spingl
2012 AguadillaUkraine Viktor TestsovRussia Andrey KonovalovNorway Carl Yngvar Christensen
2013 StavangerRussia Andrey KonovalovNorway Carl Yngvar ChristensenUkraine Viktor Testsov
2014 AuroraNorway Carl Yngvar ChristensenFinland Kenneth SandvikSweden Fredrik Svensson

List of world championships medalists in powerlifting (women)

Category 47 kg

2011 PilsenTaiwan Chen Wei-LingJapan Fukushima YukakoRussia Valentina Vermenyuk
2012 AguadillaTaiwan Chen Wei-LingJapan Fukushima YukakoFinland Raija Jurkko
2013 StavangerChinese Taipei Chen Wei-LingRussia Vermenyuk ValentinaPuerto Rico Vasquez Maria Luisa

Category 52 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Natalia SalnikovaColombia Vilma Ochoa VargasUkraine Oksana Dmytruk Chumak
2012 AguadillaRussia Natalia SalnikovaColombia Vilma Ochoa VargasUkraine Anastasiya Derevyanko
2013 StavangerRussia Natalia SalnikovaUkraine Anastasiya DerevyankoEcuador Ochoa Vargas Vilma

Category 57 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Anna RyzhkovaUkraine Tetyana PrymenchukTaiwan Wu Hui-Chun
2012 AguadillaIndonesia Hartani SriTaiwan Wu Hui-ChunFinland Mervi Rantamaki
2013 StavangerIndonesia Hartati SriRussia Anna RyzhkovaChinese Taipei Hui-Chun Wu

Category 63 kg

2011 PilsenUkraine Larysa SolovyovaUkraine Tetyana AkhmamyetyevaKazakhstan Kira Pavlovskaya
2012 AguadillaUkraine Larysa SolovyovaIndonesia Sari NovianaRussia Irina Poletaeva
2013 StavangerUkraine Larysa SoloviovaUkraine Tetyana AkhmamyetyevaIndonesia Noviana Sari

Category 72 kg

2011 PilsenUnited States Priscilla RibicRussia Yulia MedvedevaBrazil Ana Rosa Castellain
2012 AguadillaRussia Yulia MedvedevaBrazil Ana Rosa CastellainUnited States Priscilla Ribic
2013 StavangerBrazil Ana CastellainRussia Yulia MedvedevaUkraine Antonina Kniazieva

Category 84 kg

2011 PilsenUkraine Olena KozlovaNetherlands Ielja StrikUnited States Blyn Liane
2012 AguadillaUkraine Olena KozlovaNetherlands Ielja StrikUnited States Liane Blyn
2013 StavangerNetherlands Ielja StrikUnited States Liane BlynNorway Heidi Arnesen Hille

Category +84 kg

2011 PilsenRussia Galina KarpovaUkraine Inna OrobetsNetherlands Brenda Van der Meulen
2012 AguadillaTaiwan Chang Ya-WenUkraine Inna OrobetsNetherlands Brenda Van der Meulen
2013 StavangerRussia Olga GemaletdinovaNorway Hildeborg HugdalChinese Taipei Ya-Wen Chang




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Strongman Winter Warriors 2019 for the Leslie Steele Cup This contest will be charity based event in memory of the great strongman, powerlifter and friend Leslie Steele who recently passed away and also in aid of the Edge Youth and Community Centre. This will be an all level contest involving, juniors, masters, 95 and 110kg
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Donaghadee Highland Games
Donnagdee Highland Games won by strength games legend Jonathan Kelly Co.Antrim. Great throwing all day with Jonathan and Sean battling out in the weight for height.  Jonathan achieved a personal best of 18ft and Sean won the event with 19ft.  The crowd were entertained with strongman action in the log lift and husafelt stone by
As part of the 11th night celebrations in Kilkeel a few ISA members took part in a series of record breaking challenges.  First was the 53KG dumbbell press. The current Amateur record was 11 reps and this was challenged by Gareth Quinn of Co. Down and Josh Smith of Co. Armagh.  Both men put up
Pa O’Dwyer crowned Ireland’s Strongest Man 2018
With crowds running into the thousands and perfect weather gracing Bangor, County Down, Pa O’Dwyer saw off all challengers to take a third Ireland’s Strongest Man title and the Republic of Ireland Strongest Man title. Showing that, once again, all-round consistency is the way to the title, O’Dwyer took wins in the Log For Maximum

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