Mariusz Pudzianowski, POL – Strongman

wynikiARIUS Pudzianowski was born February 7, 1977 in White Rawskiej. While the training of power sports started since December 7, 1990. The first launch of the Polish championship in bench press weights while lying down. He was 16 years old, his record was then 160 kg. Two years later, already wyciskał 205 kg.

Mariusz Pudzianowski is the son of sztangisty, Wojciech Pudzianowski, who was the first head coach of the power sports. Pudzianowski began workouts and took part in the bench press. From the first performance in the Polish Championships ten times, stood on the top podium. He trained karate kyokushin (now has 4 kyu), rugby and boxing (but before 11 December 2009 not fought any official fighting).

He also played for rugby in Boat Construction. Boxing having by less than 7 years old (15-22 years old). His first start in the competition’s strongest man was held on May 1, 1999 in Płock. Mariusz Pudzianowski is a member of the Federation of WSMC-FM (The World Strongman Cup Federation).

In 2005, Mariusz Pudzianowski he founded a school of physical protection Pudzian Academy, which educates future security personnel. School of physical protection after a few years of activity has been transformed in cooperation with Beskidzkim Company Educational.

May 27, 2008. Mariusz graduated higher, gaining the title of professional Bachelor in the social higher school of business and management in Łódź. Mariusz Pudzianowski dissertation was titled organizational culture in sports marketing in the world. June 9, 2010, obtained a master’s degree in the school of Social Entrepreneurship and management in Łódź, obtaining a good assessment.

September 14, 2008 at the 2008 World’s strongest man, despite the injury, he won another title, world’s strongest man and thus became the first player with five titles, the strongest man in the world.

He lives in the white Rawskiej. Pudzianowski is also involved in various business ventures, for example. in 2005, he founded a school of physical protection Pudzian Academy, which was later converted into a. In 2013, Mariusz Pudzianowski began transport activities (more: Besides leading Banquet Hall “Sala on Pudziana” in the white Rawskiej.

Pudzian as claimed, as strongman has already achieved everything, therefore, has a new challenge for sport. Since several years coaching amateur sport fight, wanted to try his hand in a formal duel in the ring. December 11, 2009 at the Gala KSW XII, in Warsaw Torwar fought debut fight in MMA fighter with Marcin Najman. To prepare it, inter alia, Mirosław Okniński. Pudzianowski promised use of your largest asset, physical strength and defeat the opponent on the ground. For this battle reduced the weight to about 125 kg to dramatically increase its speed. Pudzianowski forced Najma to surrender in 43. seconds into the fight, using low kicks, and then hitting his fists on the ground.

During the Gala KSW XIV defeated by weighing more than 80 kg more Boxer Eric Escha has stood for. In 2011, has signed with the CS contract for two more fights. The first of these took place on May 21, 2011 in the Ergo arena, when he lost by submission to the British James Own.

In September 2011, Pudzianowski went for training to the United States, where he trained in Florida for mixed martial arts-American Top Team. November 26, 2011 at the Gala KSW XVII: “revenge” defeated in the fight against rewanżowej, James Thompson, after the decision of the judges. Finally, as a result of finding errors in refereeing procedure, the fight was declared a no contest.

From January 2012 Pudzianowski again stayed in Florida, where he trained at American Top Team. May 12, 2012 in the fight of the evening at the Gala KSW 19, during which he defeated Bob Sappa by TKO in 1. round. Then his weight was 123 kilograms. Pudzianowski another fight took place on September 15, 2012, at the Gala KSW 20. He defeated by technical knockout (punches) Christos Gkantsidis at Piliafasa.


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