Highland Games

The oldest of Strength competitions is growing in popularity throughout Ireland, we’ve produced a series of competitions and events that run through the calendar year, with the heavy events winner lifting the coveted Highland Warrior Trophy.

The Highland Games events are broken down in to feats of endurance, strength and agility:

  • 28lb Distance
  • 56lb Distance
  • Caber Toss
  • 56lb Weight for Height (Pro Events Only)
  • 44lb Weight for Height
  • 16lb Hammer for Distance
  • 22lb Hammer
  • 22lb Stone
  • 22lb Sheath (Traditional Ulster Event)
  • Scottish Wrestling

In the Irish Strength Association our competitions consist of 7 of these events above excluding the 56lb Weight for Height as this is professional only event, instead we use the 44lb Weight for Height.

For more history and information on the Highland Game from Scottish Dancing, Piping and Heavy Events History click here.

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Since it's formation in July 2000, the Irish Strength Association have gone from strength to strength, boasting over 140 members, many of whom have competed in the highest levels of Strongest Man,Arm-wrestling and Highland games competitions. Mission: To be the strongest on the planet!

Latest News

Events for the Ulster’s Strongest Man, Republic of Ireland Strongest Man, Novice Ireland Strongest Man, Junior and Master Ireland Strongest Man and the All Ireland Final details will be announced this week!  Are you ready?
Ireland’s Strongest Man places 6th overall and pulls 520KG in Uzbekistan
Ireland’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer finishes 6th overall in Uzbekistan.  This is a remarkable achievement for Pa who has already performed on international stages this year at the UK Strongest Man finishing 3rd, 2nd with Team Ireland in the Ultimate Strongman Battle of Britain and representing Team Celts in the Ultimate Strongman Team World Championship. 
Matthew McCoy places 4th in U23 World Championship 2017
With a tough battle through 8 grueling events over 3 days 3 times Junior Ireland Strongest Man Matthew McCoy of Co. Antirm fought off extreme competition to achieve 4th Place in the U23 World Championship in Gatineau. Gatineau, Canada – 6,000 fans packed the arena for the first day of the Ultimate Strongman U23 World
With a tough battle through 13 grueling events over 3 days Ireland’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer of Co.Limerick fought off extreme competition to achieve his goal of placing on the UK Podium.  Pa was the only Irishman who managed to reach the UK final with David Loughman, Co. Dublin going out on Day 1 and
Matthew McCoy and Angelo Iannetta break records in Kilkeel
In Kilkeel as part of the 11th Night Celebrations the Irish Strength Association carried out a number of Irish and World Record attempts.  Angelo Iannetta of Co.Wexford and Matthew McCoy of Co.Antirm were the 2 competitors that were going to challenge their feats of strength.  The first record that was attempted was the UK record

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