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28 Oct
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The results for these events are below:

Event 1- Duck Walk for distance

1Gavin Redmond41.80 m14
2Dale Winters40 m12.5
2Matthew McCoy40 m12.5
4Ivan Gannon36.90 m11
5Dean Doyle35 m10
6David Coughlan33 m9
7Steven Campbell29.80 m8
8Dean Kennedy27.70 m7
9Angelo Iannetta22.50 m6
10Phil Morgan21.20 m5
11David Kent20 m4
12Josh Smith13.80 m3
13Niall Hogan9.70 m2
14Francis Mulligan8.90 m1

Event 2- Axle for Reps

PositionNameRepsPointsOverall Points
1Matthew McCoy51426.5
2Gavin Redmond412.526.5
2Ivan Gannon412.523.5
4Dean Doyle310.520.5
4Angelo Iannetta310.516.5
6Dale Winters2820.5
6Dean Kennedy2815
6Phil Morgan2813
9Stephen Campbell1614
10David Coughlan009
10David Kent004
10Josh Smith003
10Niall Hogan002
10Francis Mulligan001

Event 3- Tyre Flip

PositionNameTime/FlipsPointsOverall Points
1Phil Morgan45.59 secs1427
2Matthew McCoy56.34 secs1339.5
3Dean Doyle56.64 secs1232.5
4Gavin Redmond6 flips1137.5
5Dean Kennedy5 flips924
5Ivan Gannon5 flips932.5
5Angelo Iannetta5 flips925.5
8Steven Campbell3 flips620
8David Kent3 flips610
8Francis Mulligan3 flips67
11Josh Smith2 flips47
12Dale Winters1 flip2.523
12Niall Hogan1 flip2.54.5
14David CoughlanNo flips2.59

Event 4- Car Deadlift for reps

PositionNameRepsPointsOverall Points
1Ivan Gannon111446.5
2Matthew McCoy101352.5
3Gavin Redmond81249.5
4Phil Morgan71138
5Dean Doyle61042.5
6Angelo Iannetta5934.5
7David Kent3818
8Josh Smith1714
9Dean Kennedy0024
10Francis Mulligan007
11Steven Campbell0020
12Niall Hogan004.5
13Dale Winters0023
14David Coughlan009

Event 5- Stones for Reps

PositionNameRepsPointsOverall Points
1Matthew McCoy61365.5
1Ivan Gannon61359.5
1Phil Morgan61351
4Gavin Redmond410.560
4Dale Winters410.533.5
6Angelo Iannetta2943.5
7Dean Kennedy17.530.5
7Dean Doyle17.550
9David Kent0018
10Stephen Campbell0020
11Josh Smith0014
12David Coughan009
13Francis Mulligan007
14Niall Hogan004.5

Results based on Categories

Irish Strength Association Games Championship

1st- Matthew McCoy

2nd- Gavin Redmond

3rd- Ivan Gannon

Amateur Irelands Strongest Man 2017

1st- Gavin Redmond

2nd- Dean Doyle

3rd- Angelo Iannetta

110KG Irelands Strongest Man 2017

1st- Matthew McCoy

2nd- Gavin Redmond

3rd- Ivan Gannon

95KG Irelands Strongest Man 2017

1st- Angleo Iannetta

2nd- Dean Kennedy

3rd- Francis Mulligan- Warriors Cup

U23 Irelands Strongest Man 2017

1st- Matthew McCoy

2nd- Dean Doyle

3rd Josh Smith

Master Ireland Strongest Man 2017

1st Phil Morgan

2nd David Coughlan


2 competitors have now qualified from this competition to the All Ireland Final to join last years top 4, Pa O’Dwyer Co.Limerick, Matthew McCoy, Co.Antrim, Ivan Gannon, Co. Sligo and Gavin Redmond, Co.Wexford.  Joining them now is Dean Doyle of Co.Wexford and Phil Morgan Co.Antrim.  2 more places are up for grabs in December in the north and March in the south.  There will be 2 wildcards based on overall performance.



Oct 28, 2017
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Bubbas project gym
9 Lowrys Ave
Armagh,ArmaghBT60 1BFUnited Kingdom
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Since it's formation in July 2000, the Irish Strength Association have gone from strength to strength, boasting over 140 members, many of whom have competed in the highest levels of Strongest Man,Arm-wrestling and Highland games competitions. Mission: To be the strongest on the planet!

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Strongman Winter Warriors 2019 for the Leslie Steele Cup This contest will be charity based event in memory of the great strongman, powerlifter and friend Leslie Steele who recently passed away and also in aid of the Edge Youth and Community Centre. This will be an all level contest involving, juniors, masters, 95 and 110kg
Events for the 2018/19 to be released soon!
The Irish Strength Association will release events for the 110KG, 95KG, Novice categories and the Log Lift Championships for the beginning of November. Are you ready?
Donaghadee Highland Games
Donnagdee Highland Games won by strength games legend Jonathan Kelly Co.Antrim. Great throwing all day with Jonathan and Sean battling out in the weight for height.  Jonathan achieved a personal best of 18ft and Sean won the event with 19ft.  The crowd were entertained with strongman action in the log lift and husafelt stone by
As part of the 11th night celebrations in Kilkeel a few ISA members took part in a series of record breaking challenges.  First was the 53KG dumbbell press. The current Amateur record was 11 reps and this was challenged by Gareth Quinn of Co. Down and Josh Smith of Co. Armagh.  Both men put up
Pa O’Dwyer crowned Ireland’s Strongest Man 2018
With crowds running into the thousands and perfect weather gracing Bangor, County Down, Pa O’Dwyer saw off all challengers to take a third Ireland’s Strongest Man title and the Republic of Ireland Strongest Man title. Showing that, once again, all-round consistency is the way to the title, O’Dwyer took wins in the Log For Maximum

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