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12 Mar
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This will be a PROVINCIAL Qualifier for the new 4 Nations Provinces titles and will be held at 1PM, SUNDAY, 12TH MARCH, KILLANNIN COMMUNITY CENTRE, KILLANNIN ROSSCAHILL, CO.GALWAY.  This will be a selection process to each of the Provinces finals and onward to the Ireland’s Strongest Man Grand Final.  The finals will be in Co. Armagh (Details to follow) on Saturday and Sunday 27th & 28th May 2017.  This year at the televised Grand Final of Ireland’s Strongest Man 2017 will promise to be bigger and better than ever before but we want to see all strength competitors to show their support for the ISA. as we continue strength in Ireland.

The disciplines planned are:

  1. Farmers Walk, 125 KG, Gas Bottles over a 40 m course for 75 seconds, distance covered or time taken
  2. Log Lift, this will run side by side with the Log Lifting Championships with a MAX log and a repetition log to give their combined total in the points.  There will be categories for this event of 95KG, 110KG and 110KG+.  Plus Junior and Master section.  The combined total for your MAX log and repetitions made will be your score, with a bonus 100 Euro given to the best combined total in each of these weight categories.  With a further 100 Euro given to the pound for pound section of the log lifting.  Finally, a further 250 Euro to the biggest MAX log lifted on the day (not reps).  Also, a Daddy Challenge of 250 Euro given on the day for anyone that breaks the Daddy’s Glenn Ross 185KG log (combined 500 Euro total if achieved). *2 attempts allowed in a minute for the max log and 75 seconds in the repetitions*
  3. Car Deadlift Challenge– Competitors will lift 250KG for reps with straps, 75 seconds in this planned head to head event.
  4. Stone for Reps, 145 KG over a 4 and half foot bar, 75 seconds, head to head.

Winner will receive the Ultimate Strongman Ireland Provincial Qualifier Winners Trophy and 100 Euro, making the overall prize pot 1000 Euro for this contest.  *Special Note- Every competitor wishing to be in this years Ireland Strongest Man 2017 must have all application forms in by the 7th March.  All competitors must compete in this event if they wish to go forward to the televised Ireland Strongest Man except Pa O’ Dwyer, Sean O’Hagan, Jonathan Kelly and Ivan Gannon (These competitors must have their application forms completed and sent by March 7th to confirm entry to the Grand Final.  They are welcome to do the Log Lifting Championships if they wish)

We wish everyone a great 2017, our Newsletter will be launched this weekend.  With new and exciting events and opportunities for its athletes as we secure the biggest televised competition schedule ever for Irish athletes.

Application form link: http://irishstrongman.com/membership-form/ 

The Ireland Provincial Qualifier proved to be a very successful competition with 15 competitors looking to secure their top 12 spot at the All Ireland Final.  These competitors were from Ulster, Leinster, Connaught and Munster.  It was a warm sunny day in Galway and the expectations were high for all of the competitors as this was their first competition of the strength year.  The Provincial Qualifier was tied in with the Ireland Log Lifting Competition were Angelo Iannetta was looking to defend his Pound for Pound title.  The first event was the farmers walk and this saw Dean Kennedy win the event with a storming time of 18.75.  The second event was the log for maximum.  There were a number of stand out performances such as Kealan Harrington who only weighs 88kg, pressed 110kg above his head.  However, it was Ivan Gannon who lifted 145kg to secure the win.  The third event was the car deadlift for reps.  This saw Matthew McCoy get 13 Reps but it was Mr. Consistent, David Loughman who got 14 Reps to secure the win.  The fourth event was the 100kg log for reps.  This saw Dean Doyle and David Loughman get 6 reps each but it was Ivan Gannon who got 7 reps.  The last event was the 145kg stone for reps.  We had a number of big stone lifters like David Jones and Gavin Redmond.  However, it was Matthew McCoy and Dean Doyle who got 5 reps each to share the top spot.  Due to his consisency David Loughman won the qualifier and now he looks on to win his 1st major competition and become Ireland’s Strongest Man.  With the log falling on his foot Gavin Redmond was handed the Warrior Medal.  We will see you at the next ISA event near you!

The results for the Ireland Provincial Qualifier is below:

Event 1- Farmers Walk

1Dean Kennedy18.75 secs15
2David Loughman19.07 secs14
3Gavin Redmond19.68 secs13
4Dean Doyle19.97 secs12
5Matthew McCoy22.66 secs11
6John Duffy23.00 secs10
7Tim O’Brien23.78 secs9
8David Jones25.72 secs8
9Brain Gannon27.28 secs7
10Angelo Iannetta35.47 secs6
11Ian Phelan40.71 secs5
12David Kent14 metres4
13Francis Mulligan10.2 metres3
14Eli Shaw3.6 metres2
15Kealan Harrington2.7 metres1

Event 2- Log for Maximum

PositionNameMax WeightPointsOverall Points
1David Loughman140KG1529
2Angelo Iannetta135KG1420
3Gavin Redmond130KG12.525.5
3Dean Doyle130KG12.524.5
5Dean Kennedy125KG1126
6Eli Shaw115KG9.511.5
6Matthew McCoy115KG9.520.5
8Kealan Harrington110KG89
9Brain Gannon105KG714
10John Duffy100KG5.515.5
10David Jones100KG5.513.5
12Tim O’BrienX09
12Ian PhelanX05
12David KentX04
12Francis MulliganX03

*Ivan Gannon pressed 145kg to win the MAX log for Ireland Log Lifting Championships*

Event 3- Car Deadlift for Reps

PositionNameRepsPointsOverall Points
1David Loughman141544
2Matthew McCoy131434.5
3Gavin Redmond111338.5
4Angelo Iannetta91232
5Dean Doyle81135.5
6David Kent71014
7David Jones6922.5
8Dean Kennedy5834
9Ian Phelan3712
10Kealan Harrington15.514.5
11Brain Gannon15.519.5
12Eli Shaw X011.5
12John DuffyX015.5
12Tim O’BrienX09
12Francis MulliganX03

Event 4- Log for Reps

PositionNameRepsPointsOverall Points
1David Loughman 6 14.5 58.5
1Dean Doyle614.550
3Gavin Redmond5 12.551
3Angelo Iannetta512.544.5
5David Kent3 1024
5Dean Kennedy31044
5Eli Shaw31021.5
8Kealan Harrington2 7.522
8Brain Gannon27.527
10Matthew McCoy1 5.540
10David Jones15.528
12Ian Phelan X 012
12John DuffyX015.5
12Tim O’BrienX09
12Francis MulliganX03

*Ivan wins log for reps for log lifting championships with 7 reps*

Event 5- Stone Reps

PositionNameRepsPointsOverall PointsOverall Place
1 Dean Doyle 5 14.5 64.52
1Matthew McCoy514.554.54
3 David Loughman41270.51
3Gavin Redmond412633
3David Jones412407
6Angelo Iannetta31054.55
7Brian Gannon18.535.58
7John Duffy18.52410
8 Dean Kennedy00446
8David Kent0024 (c)9
8Kealan Harrington002211
8Eli Shaw0021.512
8Ian Phelan001213
8Tim O’Brien00914
8Francis Mulligan00315


March 12
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95KG & 110KG Ireland Strongest Man 2017. Our annual event will bring competitors of 95KG and 110KG weight classes from all 4 corners of Ireland.   Competitors this will also be a qualification process that will lead to World class 95KG & 110KG events.  This competition will be part of the Irish Strength Association Games MMXVll.
Amateur Ireland Strongest Man 2017. Our annual event of Novice Ireland Strongest Man has been rebranded to the Amateur Ireland Strongest Man. Competitors from all 4 corners of Ireland will be competing at this events. Competitors that are eligible to enter this competition are those that have not one a senior title in the Irish Strength
Master Ireland Strongest Man 2017. Our annual event will bring competitors of a Master Class of 40 + year olds from all 4 corners of Ireland.  Competitors this will also be a qualification process that will lead to World class Master events.  This competition will be part of the Irish Strength Association Games MMXVll.  Competitors must
There will be 5 titles battled out in 1 day over 1 competition with the added bonus of the overall winner securing a place along with the Amateur Ireland Strongest Man to the televised Ireland Strongest Man 2018.  Click on your appropriate link below to find out the details and events. U23  Ireland Strongest Man
  U23 Ireland Strongest Man 2017. Our annual event will bring competitors of a Junior class from 16-23 year old from all 4 corners of Ireland.  Any competitor that turns 24 this year can not enter (passports or other driving licenses must be shown at the event).  Competitors this will also be a qualification process that

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Since it's formation in July 2000, the Irish Strength Association have gone from strength to strength, boasting over 140 members, many of whom have competed in the highest levels of Strongest Man,Arm-wrestling and Highland games competitions. Mission: To be the strongest on the planet!

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Matthew McCoy places 4th in U23 World Championship 2017
With a tough battle through 8 grueling events over 3 days 3 times Junior Ireland Strongest Man Matthew McCoy of Co. Antirm fought off extreme competition to achieve 4th Place in the U23 World Championship in Gatineau. Gatineau, Canada – 6,000 fans packed the arena for the first day of the Ultimate Strongman U23 World
With a tough battle through 13 grueling events over 3 days Ireland’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer of Co.Limerick fought off extreme competition to achieve his goal of placing on the UK Podium.  Pa was the only Irishman who managed to reach the UK final with David Loughman, Co. Dublin going out on Day 1 and
Matthew McCoy and Angelo Iannetta break records in Kilkeel
In Kilkeel as part of the 11th Night Celebrations the Irish Strength Association carried out a number of Irish and World Record attempts.  Angelo Iannetta of Co.Wexford and Matthew McCoy of Co.Antirm were the 2 competitors that were going to challenge their feats of strength.  The first record that was attempted was the UK record
David wrestles his way to the title
The Irish Strength Association would like to congratulate David Loughman of Co.Dublin for winning the Scottish Wrestling and MAS wrestling Irish Championships at Bangor town hall on 25th June 2016. These events were a part of the Irish Expo, consisting of strongman, highland games and wrestling championships.  However, we had a strong line up of
Brian McShane completes the impossible
                  The ISA would like to acknowledge the achievement of Brian McShane of Co. Dungannon.  On the 25th June Brian was attempting to be the third man in Irish History to bend the famous red nail of Ironmind.  The Ironmind Red Nail sets the standard for excellence  in short steel bending.  It

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